Do you prefer to clear your own goods at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport / Moi International Airport in Mombasa or would you like to try it? Great. Most customs agents in Kenya should be able to compute a rough estimate of the total amount of taxes you'd be required to pay, even before the goods leave the USA. If you would wish to clear your own goods at JKIA / Mombasa with the help of a customs agent of your choice, we can definitely receive your goods here, repackage if you need that done and send them through an air carrier of your choice. All we need is the invoice and the packing list. Only $7.80 per kilogram and your goods are delivered at JKIA / Mombasa. Please note that this service only applies to shipments of 50 kilograms and above. Since this involves your cargo traveling on its own, we can only offset volumetric weight by repackaging the goods. Repackaging is done for free but we may request that you purchase heavy duty boxes and other packaging materials in the case they are needed. If the goods are too heavy and require a fork lift, you may need to order for a pallet if they were delivered without one (this only happens in very rare cases) but we can always offer them to you at a good price or you can purchase them online from a merchant of choice here in town and we'll collect them or purchase them on your behalf. Remember, if you do not need the goods repackaged, the airline will charge whatever is higher.